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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wild Oil of Oregano As Your Candida Cure Giving Optimal Health


The health benefit of taking Wild Oil of Oregano as your candida cure is amazing. I took 3 drops of it daily or I put the drops right in my food. As I mentioned above, as a source of trace minerals, it is hard to match. It is a natural source of oxygenated compounds and flavonoids. Thus, it is a dense source of naturally occurring minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, and potassium.
People will find many forms of Oregano in the health food stores. It is important to note that for internal consumption the spice must be edible, (some oregano is not, and says for topical use only) plus it should be the type which has been utilized since antiquity and which is safe for internal consumption in any form. We import our raw Oregano Oil from the high mountains in the Mediterranean, which is of higher quality and purity.
The main reason for daily use of Oregano Oil is for parasites. Everybody has X amounts of parasites in their system. Parasites secrete toxins that create pain and many infections. Our pure Oil of Oregano destroys them outright. Also, some viruses hide deep into the body's cells, and then create a protein shell covering around the cell, which antibiotics cannot penetrate. Oil of Oregano is the only substance which penetrates that protein covering, forcing the virulent virus out so that the CS can destroy it. This is why in many of our protocols; we suggest taking both, especially when we are dealing with systemic Candida infections.
Wild Oregano, wild mountainous Sage, and Cumin, is proven to be more powerful than any synthetic antibiotic on the market. The foods we eat daily are all loaded with some form of parasites; there is no getting around it. As the body accumulates these parasites, it's just a matter of time before they infect the system. So, to answer your question, those who take a couple of drops of Pure Wild Mountain Oil of Oregano will enjoy optimal health always, better than simply oil of oregano.
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