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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holistic Healing With Oregano Oil


The nature supplies nearly 40 species of oregano oil. Each of these herbs is beneficial but Oreganum vulgare has the maximum therapeutic properties. It is a popular natural remedy that improves the immunity of the body. This wild oregano is available in Mediterranean region. It has powerful antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and anti parasitic properties.
This natural oil is obtained after steam distillation of dried oregano herb. The herbs are removed from the plant and taken to laboratory for the extraction. The processed oregano oil is warm, smelly, spicy and pale yellow. The oil turns brown as it becomes old. It is available in the form of capsules or tablets that can be consumed on day to day basis.
This natural herb leads to minor skin irritations. Hence, patients are asked to avoid external use of oregano. Its application on the skin or direct intake leads to severe consequences. Thus, doctors recommend diluted oregano to the patient. The diluted oregano is used to cure sore throats, urinary tract infections, indigestion, fungal infection, nausea, viral fever etc.
The oregano oil is generally used to cure acute conditions. The recommended dosage for oregano is four to five drops for seven to ten days. This dosage should be continued until the ailment gets cured completely. If you can't consume it directly, then you can mix or dilute it with orange juice, milk, honey or add it to pizza or pasta dishes.
You can treat conditions like migraine, nail fungus, skin-infections, joint pain and dandruff by external use of oregano oil. You can mix it with jojoba, grape seed or almond oil to decrease the skin reactions of oregano. However, pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid oregano oil due of its ill-effects. Patients with diabetes and heart problem shouldn't adopt this natural remedy.
So, consult a doctor and cure the infections with help of a natural method.
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