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Monday, November 12, 2012

Nature's Boon to Mankind - Wild Oregano Oil


Antibiotics, in opinion of medical experts were the best remedy to treat various diseases. But not anymore! Reason: Wild oregano oil is here to take its place. The age-old oil is a sure-shot weapon to alleviate medical problems that over the years have troubled human race. Cutting the long story short, this oil is best known for its trouble-shooting properties that come handy in treating food poisoning, boosting immunity levels and correcting several other medical complexities.
Usually, it has been seen that consistent consumption of antibiotics allows harmful bacteria develop resistance against it. Meanwhile, as far as negative side-effects are concerned, there are hardly any. In fact, this oil has been medically researched and it has been found perfectly safe and healthy to use. For those who don't know, the oil is an edible product too. Doctors also recommend their patients to consume this oregano oil to eliminate Candida from the body.
As far as advantages are concerned, this oil helps user in developing strong immunity levels. Other advantages are as under:
- Tooth and gum infections can be best treated by this oil.
- As told above, it also comes handy in treating food poisoning.
- Oregano oil is also known for immaculate treatment of candida and nail fungus.
- People suffering with viral can also resort to wild oregano oil.
- Neutralisation of venom i.e., snake or dangerous insect bites.
Boosts oxygen absorption ability in body. Hence, this oil, by every standard is a blessing in disguise for humankind. As far as consumption is concerned, typical doses (those prescribed by physicians) are 1-4 drops for about 1-4 times in a day. However, but that also depends on patient's medical history. It is because when consumed in higher concentration, it can cause irritation to user. Therefore, doctors suggest patients to consume wild oregano oil in a diluted form. Users can dilute it with almond oil, olive oil or any other vegetable oil. Dilution of oil also saves the skin from getting burnt by it. But remember, canola oil and Wesson or any other kind of commercial vegetable oil is a strict no-no when it comes to dilution of oregano oil.
Point to remember: Wild oregano oil is known to have a detrimental effect on ability of iron-absorption. Hence, it is better if the patient maintains a time-gap of 2 hours, before or after, while using this oil. Meanwhile, consuming iron supplements will help.
With over 15 years of experience in different branches of medical science, Tamim Ahmad regularly writes on various diseases and their possible treatments. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of urinary tract infection and its different symptoms as well as treatments.This article is about Wild Oregano.


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