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Friday, December 31, 2010

Oil of Oregano Usage - Tips on How to Use It


This article will briefly mention and explain about oil and oregano, and a little bit about tea from the olive leaf. Oil of oregano and tea from the olive leaf are two treatments that can be used to treat your candidiasis. It is worth the effort to take oregano oil. The tea made from dried leaves would not be as effective as the product I have mentioned as the leaves used are wild and organic.
After taking the drops from the bottle, I wash it down with tons of water. This is great as we need to drink a ton of water, and this is one way to ensure that I do. Also, you can dilute the oil of oregano in your water. If you drop 3 drops into a 1.5 L bottle, you will not have a bad taste.
I have tried it in my salads as well. I mix it in with my spices, olive oil, sea salt, pepper and lemon. Just drop 2 drops on the top with the other ingredients and toss. Cut up fresh garlic into it as well, thus getting both advantages there. Clorets and breath are assuredly needed after lunch!
Oil of oregano is also available in soft gel capsules that are enteric-coated (so they release in your intestines). The brand Now makes them and I'm sure other brands do as well. I've also taken Candida Formula by Enzymatic Therapy which contains oils of oregano, peppermint, and thyme. These have improved my health significantly, so you should try them as well.

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