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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oil of Oregano - The Gift of Nature to Aid a Variety of Ailments


Are you suffering from Candida or yeast infections? Do you think that this disease is incessantly attacking your body despite all your attempts to eliminate it? Well, have a halt as you may have yet to try one of the most efficient remedies of Candida named the oil of oregano.
The overproduction of a certain type of yeast in human body due to lack of immunity is referred to as Candida or yeast infection. Recent researches have revealed that the germs of Candida penetrate through the mouth, throat and digestive system of every human being and also in the vagina in case of women.
There can be numerous mental and physical symptoms due to the chronic overgrowth of Candida such as abdominal pain, fatigue, skin infections and even cognitive difficulties. Like the extent of symptoms and causes, the treatment methods are also of varied range. Some of the most popular processes of treatments are:
-having foods with probiotics such as yogurt to keep Candida levels of human beings in control
-having a diet which is free of sugar and crab and thus refraining Candida from its main source of food intaking of prescribed drugs and antibiotics for quick relief
But when all of these treatments fail to produce fruitful results, you can take a try to cure your disease with the regular use of a natural medication, the oil of oregano.
Oregano is a kind of plant which was originated from Mediterranean countries in about 3,000 B.C. Greeks used to extract the juice of oregano plant and use it as a remedy to various infections such as fungal infections, cough and cold infections and heart infections. This method of combating the infectious diseases has been brought back again in this modern era to treat Candida or yeast infection. The extraction of oregano plants is now combined with virgin olive oil to process the oil of oregano. Only two pounds of oil is created from about 200 pounds of flowers and leaves of wild oregano herbs.
Due to frequent use of prescribed drugs the bacteria responsible for Candida form a solid resistance against them. Thus, these drugs can only relief you for a short period but cannot find any permanent solution to your problems. Oil of oregano, on the contrary, not only cures Candida but prevents it from further attack. According to the researchers, the oil of oregano is capable of attacking mutated strains of Candida and is a powerful medicine for yeast overgrowth. Hence, it will be an excellent idea to use oil of oregano to annihilate your yeast infection or Candida.
With over 15 years of experience in different branches of medical science, Tamim Ahmad regularly writes on various diseases and their possible treatments. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of urinary tract infection and its different symptoms as well as treatments.This article is about Wild Oregano.
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