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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oil of Oregano to the Rescue


Nature often gives us great remedies. And one such remedy that has been popular for thousands of years is oil of oregano. It contains carvacrol and thymol as the main active ingredients - both that are useful for the following:
Antioxidant: The phytomedicine value of Oregano was first realized in 16th century by researchers, and was at the time used for stomach upsets. Thymol, which is present in Oregano oil, has a significant antioxidant power which stimulates the secretion of bile juice in the digestive system and thus regulates the digestion process. The leaves of wild oregano, which contain flavonoids, can be used under circumstances where the patient needs instant relief from stomach pain and also for dysentery.
Antiviral and Antibacterial Effects: Oregano has a complex organic structure which is very difficult to understand, which limited its uses in the past. Advanced bio-medical instrumentation technology found that oil of oregano can perform antiviral and antibacterial actions which can be used in the treatment of flu, viral fevers, fungal and parasitic infections. Besides this it also increases the immunity of the body by increasing the count of white blood cells.
Treatment for skin infections: The anti inflammatory action of oregano can be used to cure some skin infections by neutralizing the foreign materials which have attacked the skin. The oil provides skin beauty benefits when used according to the direction of the physician. The oil increases the blood flow to the skin by clearing the pores and removing cellulite.
Emotional uses: Nerve upsets are the basic reason for many emotionally and uncomfortable behaviors. The blood vessels undergo immense disturbance, which ultimately results in malfunctioning of the entire body metabolism and increases the blood pressure. Oregano oil provides good support for those who are suffering from this kind of problem. This plant basically belongs to the mint family and hence has significant cooling effects, which will calm down the nerves and stabilize the blood vessels. Consuming this oil regularly will even help women in attaining regular menstruation cycles.
Agriculture and cultivation: Oil of oregano was tested and proved as an insecticide against beetles, which are usually present in cereals. This natural insecticide has no major side effects on the local food chain and causes virtually zero disturbances in ecological behavior.
These are just some of oregano oil's uses. There are a host of other ailments it can help clear, including acne, respiratory conditions, athlete's foot and much more.
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