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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oil of Oregano - Natural Candida Cure


If you're fed up with recurring yeast infections it might be time to look at some natural remedies that can help you. Some remedies can even work proactively to help you not only deal with candida but other bacteria and germs as well. Have you looked at organic oil of oregano yet?
Oil of Oregano for Candida / Yeast Infections
Anyone looking for natural cures for candida should look more closely at oil of oregano. A lot of people want to protect themselves against germs and bacteria and this is a substance that is getting a lot of positive reviews from people who want to live healthy lives without a lot of chemicals and drugs.
Candida infections impact a lot of people and taking over the counter or prescription medications is something that can only temporarily help. It can also result in new infections that are resistant to your typical treatment methods. In fact, some strains of candida bacteria become resistant to drug store remedies after a while making it difficult to deal with all the symptoms. But oil of oregano is something that not only prevents and cures candida but that also attacks mutated strains of candida as well. With all the research being done on this cure for yeast overgrowth, there hasn't yet been a strain of it that's a match for oil of oregano.
Oil of Oregano Uses
There are a lot of uses for this substance and there are some very positive results from research with the natural herb. Unlike many folk remedies, this one has substantiated evidence of working in many scenarios. Because it's a strong antiseptic, antifungal substance, it can help with many infections both internally and externally. Some use it for: parasites, acne, rosacea, bug bites, lice, acne, bad breath, athlete's foot, fingernail and toenail fungi, sports medicine, cold and flu and more. There are even entire books authored that are dedicated to the many benefits of oil of oregano.
Candida infections can be internal and external and this is a substance that has the ability to tackle both simultaneously. We can have thrush in our mouths, yeast rashes in our genitals or in hot spots like underarms, behind the knees and elsewhere and this substance can treat it topically and internally.
Get a Diagnosis First!
It's important that you have a condition professionally diagnosed before you self treat but in the case of repeat candida infections, oil of oregano can be extremely helpful and some previous candidiasis sufferers now take it proactively to minimize the chance of yeast overgrowth recurrences. If you are watching your diet to avoid yeast overgrowth and taking specific precautions to keep your body in a state where candida won't thrive, you might also consider taking oil of oregano proactively; especially if you have to take an antibiotic product for another infection.
Tired of fighting yeast infections? Learn about oil of oregano use as a natural candida cure.

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